With an active developer community, there are many Django resources available for beginners and experts. There are many free and pay online tutorials, books, and courses for beginners. For more advanced developers there are a massive amount of available FOSS packages to extend and quickly build out projects.

Django often releases new  versions so make sure the resources you are using are still relevant. At the time of writing this, the current release v2.0 introduced a few significant changes including removing support for Python 2 and simplified URL mapping.

In general, any resources covering Django  v1.11 or later will be almost completely relevant in working with v2.0. Resources covering as far back as v1.8 would also be mostly relevant but may not cover Python 3 which could cause some confusion. The Django Project provides thorough release notes for every release which are useful in determining changes you may need to be aware of if learning from an older guide.

Django Project Provided Resources


  • Django Girls (v1.11), excellent beginner tutorial that walks through making a blog from start to finish
  • Mozilla Web Docs (v2.0) provides an overview, setup, and first project walk-through among a massive web development resource
  • Django for Beginners (v2.0), beginner book with setup instructions and multiple projects
  • Two Scoops of Django (v1.11), intermediate to advanced book that is a must have once you get past initial learning projects
  • Python Crash Course, great Python intro book with Django tutorial

Extending Django

Note-worthy Packages

Content Management System Packages

Deploying Django