My name is Steven Abadie. I am working to build and sustain a successful business using Free Software and Open Hardware. Based in Northern Colorado, USA.

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Start with Git Large File Storage

Start with Git Large File Storage

Git Large File Storage (LFS) is a Git extension for use with projects with lots of large binary files such as photos, graphics, CAD, and other non-clear-text files. It helps by storing your large binary files outside the Git repository…

Git for Open Hardware Projects

Git for Open Hardware Projects

Git has become the predominant version control software in Free and Open Source Software projects and communities. Although not as common, Git is also a worthy tool for managing the source of your hardware projects.

Wagtail CMS

Main Wagtail CMS menuOut of the box Django comes with a useful admin interface that allows basic editing of data. However, for more complex tasks or customization Django suggests creating your own admin views. If you're working on a quick…

Django Resources

With an active developer community, there are many Django resources available for beginners and experts. There are many free and pay online tutorials, books, and courses for beginners. For more advanced developers there are a massive amount of available FOSS…

Python Web Frameworks

For a few years now, in my spare time I've been learning Python by poking around with Python based web frameworks. Web frameworks for Python range broadly from quick set-up to complete freedom in customization. There is also a notable…